Physical Therapy

Ergogenic Physical Therapy is a healthcare practice that works with people experiencing musculoskeletal pain. We offer treatment for injury to ankle/foot, knee, hip, shoulder, back/neck/head, elbow/hand. Also treatment for:

Customized orthotics

Sports injuries

Balance and gait disturbances

Chronic pain management

Post surgical



Pilates is a comprehensive exercise, rehabilitation, and fitness program based on the work of Joseph H. Pilates. Pilates strengthens the core muscles of the body, improves posture, creates long, lean muscles, improves circulation, and increases flexibility and range of motion.

Sports Massage

We offer several types of therapeutic massage specialties including myofascial, neuromuscular and sports massage.

Personal Training

Not all Personal Training programs are created equal. If youve had an injury, suffer from chronic pain or are recovering from surgery, working out like everyone else might be dangerous. Worse, your condition may make you avoid exercise altogether. Neither of these outcomes is desirable. But you have another choice. Our unique approach and partnerships with medical professionals sets us apart from other trainers and enables us to provide breakthrough results for our clients time and time again.